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Welcome to the reality of aromas BIG FLAVOR

BIG FLAVOR - Production and distribution of liquid for electronic cigarettes made ​​in Germany. THE LATEST GENERATION OF ORIGINAL LIQUID FOR ELECTRONIC CIGARETTES IN GERMAN

The liquid and one of the main parts of the electronic cigarette and completely safe for both the smoker and for the people around us. The Big Flavor liquid for electronic cigarette and suitable for charging all types of cartridges electronic cigarette. They are created by a formula that allows you to feel the natural flavor of the spices, and aromazzati premixed with or without necotina, using only natural ingredients. The liquids are ready to use in many different flavors and shades, contained in vials packaged in accordance with the criteria and European standards for labeling and packaging material made ​​of plastic for pharmaceutical use, to keep the taste as long as possible. Equipped with screw cap with safety device for children with dropper built, ready to use.

The best aromas and flavors currently on the market available in over 100 types, flavors from Tobacco, Fruit and Tonics with gradation of nicotine 0 - 9 - 18 mg

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a quality product. Through our work, our values ​​and our team, we want to soddidfare all those who, in the world of SVAPING love the quality, the best products through our ompany can offer continuing costantenemnte in research and believe in everything we do with enthusiasm and optimism

What we offer

We only offer liquid for electronic cigarettes with high quality standards with or without nicotine, packaged according to the criteria and European standards of labeling and packaging, respecting them at the European level. We can also provide bases neutral, pure Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Organic Concentrated flavors and aromas.

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